Two Articles and One Video Worth Reading/Watching

Social Media and Teens: How Does Social Media Affect Teenagers’ Mental Health
This is Why Teenagers Seem Rude and Selfish
(A short video by the World Economic Forum)
How to be Happy, According to Science

By the way, although I highly recommend reading the entire thing, here is an excerpt from the last article:

  • Connect with people: Just being around others isn't enough. Join groups that you share something with. You need to be "in it together" to hit back when loneliness punches you in the face.
  • Connect with your intrinsic values: More "flow" and fewer selfies. More doing what you love because you love it. Chasing status doesn't lead to lasting happiness; It puts happiness outside your control.
  • Connect with nature: Go outside for a reason other than to pick up that box from Amazon.