“Linda always brought our daughter and us back to thinking about what was right for her. We all came away feeling that we made the best choices, and that we did everything we could to set her up for success.”
– Arlington, MA mom

high school kidsI work one-on-one with students and their families to optimize their high school years and then choose and apply to schools/programs that are a good fit.  I specialize in working with students with learning differences. Along the way, students will learn about themselves and become more self-sufficient, in preparation for living independently after high school.

Detailed below are my standard programs:

This extensive package is for students who want help developing a plan for the remainder of high school and assistance in choosing and applying to schools and programs. We’ll cover testing options, zero in on student interests/abilities, and develop a customized short list of schools or programs that are a good fit. In addition, I will also continue to assist your student through the application and school/program choice process. This package keeps me involved in the process all the way until a student is admitted / has decided on a program (through May 1 of senior year), and includes a family meeting in the summer after senior year to finalize support services.

Included (as needed):

  • Review of academic record
  • Review of extracurricular/summer activities
  • Review of appropriate medical or educational records (IEP, 504, Transition Plans, Evaluations)
  • Student/parent interviews and questionnaires
  • Interest and aptitude assessment
  • Standardized college admission tests recommendations
  • Determination of level of support services needed
  • Develop list of right fit colleges/programs
  • Assistance with increasing student independence / self-advocacy skills
  • College visit preparation
  • Interview preparation
  • Brainstorming of essay ideas
  • Review/editing of common application essay and additional essays for up to ten colleges
  • Review/editing of activity resume
  • Scholarship resources
  • Assistance with final school/program decision
  • Summer meeting to discuss transition to school/program and support services

This package includes:

  • Individual meetings with parent/guardian and student
  • A review of transcript, IEP and evaluations
  • Research and development of a customized list of colleges that are a good fit, academically, socially and financially, and with the appropriate level of support
  • A second meeting with the family to present the college list with detailed rationale

“Linda has assisted our son with making, and following up on, goals that will help build on his weaknesses and work towards his strengths. His confidence has risen dramatically this year. As parents, we were overwhelmed with the thought of trying to find a place for our son and his learning challenges. Linda has made the process manageable.”
– Hopkinton mom

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