Facebook And Important Upcoming Events

October 25, 2011


Here’s an interesting stat which demonstrates that online scrutiny by college admissions staffers is on the rise:

“Almost one quarter (24%) of admissions officials at 359 selective colleges say they used Facebook, up from 6% the previous year, and 20% used Google to help evaluate an applicant, says the survey, conducted by Kaplan Test Prep.”

I always advise the students I work with to clean up their Facebook pages and to be aware of any online photos that might not make a good impression on college admissions staff or a future employer.  It would be a shame to have a photo or other unflattering print be the reason for a student to be denied entrance to the college of their choice.

Massachusetts happenings:

Architecture and Design: Saturday, October 29th , Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston
College fair for schools with architecture and design programs:

Boston National Portfolio Day: Sunday, October 30th, Hynes Auditorium, Boston
Portfolio days bring together students and experienced college representatives who review artwork, offer critique, discuss college plans, and share information about their schools. These free days are for students interested in pursuing the visual and related arts; best to attend early enough for a student to use the feedback in continuing to work on their portfolio.

Boston College Fair for Performing and Visual Arts: Wednesday, November 2nd, Boston Center for the Arts

Author book signing: Tatnuck Bookstore, Westborough, Saturday, November 5th (1-3pm)  I highly recommend this practical new book.  Navigating ADHD: Your Guide to the Flip Side of ADHD. See my review, here, on the resources page on my website.

Asperger’s Academy for Parents –   Success After High School for Students with AS & Related Conditions  Saturday, November 5th, AANE, Watertown

We’ve got mail!

Here’s a question I received recently from a senior student regarding merit aid and scholarships…

“One thing that I’m not quite clear on, is when do you apply for those things?  Do you send them along with your college application, or do you wait to find out if you’ve been accepted first before applying for Financial Aid, Merit Aid, and Scholarships…etc.?”

Here’s my answer:

For schools that require the CSS profile, need-based financial aid has fall application deadlines (set by each school).  The federal FAFSA is not filled out until January 1st and applies to all schools.

The process for school-based merit aid and scholarships (money you don’t have to pay back) varies by school. Check the school website (usually under financial aid) to see if they are separate applications to fill out for school-based aid, based on grades, testing, leadership, community service, art, music, etc.
Some of these may be due in the fall, so seniors should check now. Some schools will award these automatically without another application but it is the student’s responsibility to look into the process at each school.

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