Assistive Technology To The Notetaking Rescue

In an educational context, assistive technology refers to software, apps or equipment that helps those with learning or attention differences perform better. This can be students with slower processing speed, working memory deficits, graphomotor delays, language-based learning disabilities, organizational challenges, anxiety or ADHD.

With notetaking in particular, these students often struggle once the volume and speed of material increases. For many, this does not happen until junior year of high school or even not until in college.

If your student struggles with notetaking, consider having them try one of the apps or tools listed below. They will likely benefit and, once in college, they will be happy to already be familiar with the technology.

Note that some of the tools that record a lecture will have to be approved by the school and teacher or professor. But they are becoming more and more common and receiving approval, especially if your child has a diagnosed learning disability, anxiety or ADHD.

There are just a few weeks of summer left so this is a good time to investigate any tools, technology or additional support that will help your student level the playing field once they return to school!
Five best apps / tools to help with notetaking
Free or low-cost assistive technology software, websites and apps to help with notetaking
MassMatch Assistive Technology Regional Center: Offices in Boston and Worcester
This free program for individuals with a disability has samples of equipment and will loan them out for a trial period at home. There is a searchable inventory and, as of now, they have several smart pens to loan.

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